[Book Review] Finders Keepers

19875825-_sy540_TITLE: Finders Keepers (Bill Hodges Trilogy #2)
AUTHOR: Stephen King
PUBLISHED: 2 June 2015 by Scribner
GENRE: Mystery & Thrillers, Fiction
1978: Morris Bellamy is a reader so obsessed by America’s iconic author John Rothstein that he is prepared to kill for a trove of nothebooks containing at least one more unpublished novel.

2009: pete Saubers, a boy whose father was brutally injured by a stolen Mercedes, discovers a buried trunk containing cash and Rothstein’s notebooks.

2014: After thirty-five years in prison. Morris is up for parole. And he’s hell-bent on recovering his treasure.

Now it’s up to retired detective Bill Hodges – running an investigative company called ‘Finders Keepers’ – to rescue Pete from an ever-more deranged and vengeful Morris…


The second book of the Hodges Series by one of my favourite authors and it is better than the first one. The characters are more believable especially Pete. I completely understand what he did, and the love for his family is to the highest level. Albeit he knows that it is wrong, but he will do it just to make his family whole again. I can relate, and I will do it too if I were in his position. He is one of the strongest characters in the book.

In the first part of the story is where the Mr. Mercedes incident happened, where Pete’s dad got hurt badly and where their family struggled financially and it nearly broke his parent’s relationship. Pete being a teenager helped his parents without their knowledge, and this is where the trouble started.

Morris is another strong character, too. I just could not believe how some people can be obsessed with something or someone that they will kill for it. Some people are worst than this character. I may find it silly to be obsessed with a book character, but it can happen in real life.

I feel like Hodges is not the main character in the series after reading this book. He got into the story after reading half of it, including his two accomplices in the first book. I do not feel like he is a strong character anymore, and I do not care about him, to be honest. I am starting to love Holly tho.

I enjoyed this story more than the first one. I feel like I will LOVE the third one more especially when it mix with a bit of horror about Brady. That cliffhanger about him is just scary, and I am excited about it!

The Sunday Currently | 37


I am sad right now because one of my closest friends is going back to the Philippines, and we all don’t know when she’s coming back. She has some stuff to do, and she doesn;t know how long it will be to finish everything. I will miss her so bad. I just hope she will be her before my birthday next month.

She treated us at Nando’s as a farewell food trip, LOL!

Anyways, here’s my quick Sunday Currently update:

Reading I just started reading 3 books at the same time and I am loving it especially they are in a different genre. Finders Keepers by Stephen Kind, Arise by Tara Hudson and I’m still finish reading A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin
Writing this update. I was planning to list all the books that I am going to read next month, but I have a headache
Listening to whatever my son is watching. He is still sleeping next to me albeit he was already feeling well after his circumcision 2 weeks ago. I think he misses my bed so much, hahaha
Thinking a very complicated situation, I’m in .. I don’t know if this is denial, or I’m just afraid to take a risk once again
Smelling my green tea
Wishing she moves on and stop posting hate statuses about someone else (probably, me) because it is quite embarrassing
Hoping a good weather tomorrow. Please, no rain!
Wearing short and t-shirt
Loving my new job. I am enjoying it albeit sometimes I have 11-12 hours shift. My colleagues are very friendly and funny.
Needing the right one!
Feeling EXHAUSTED! Less sleep and all day at church today.
Clicking just typing this update and after this I will go to sleep.

Life Currently | 11


I thank my best friend for transforming me today, LOL! She’s the best when it comes to makeup and fashion while myself is only interested in books.

My best friends and I have invited to a Muslim wedding again, this would be the second time and in East London. I love their dress, it was lovely. The food was good, but I couldn’t eat properly because of the environment. The restaurant was dirty, OMDZ! I know I shouldn’t think like this, but I can’t help it. I couldn’t even go to the toilet, even my other Muslim friend were disappointed. I tried my very best to behave and not say anything. We were just taking selfies and catching up especially they were my previous colleagues and close friends for years.

It was another #oneforthebooks for me, another beautiful day to witness a great Muslim wedding again. It looks like this month is a month of marriage for my friends.

It should be my month as well, but things didn’t work out for us. I am a bit disappointed, but that’s life, and I already move on.