Life Update | 11

Hello, bloggers! What’s been happening? I am genuinely apologising for not visiting your blogs especially updating here. I have been busy (until now!) since college started last September. It is my final year at level 3, so I have to concentrate more especially that one of my tutors is not actually helping us (because she said we are adults) so I had to do some research on my own about her units. I just started my 2 GCSEs as well, and I am doing it online.

I am working full time in my new job thanks to my best friend who referred me to her manager. The job is easy, and I finish early so I still have time to do my course works.

I did not even blog about my birthday party last September. It was a blast as all of my close friends were there. We went to a French restaurant, paid a lot but did not care about it as everyone was enjoying every minute of it especially after dinner.

Despite my busy schedules, I am still glad that I still have time to hang out with my family especially my son. We mostly go on shopping for his lego collections and watch movies with my boyfriend. I am happy that they get along very well, sometimes I feel like the third wheel every time we go out because they are very close and I am just behind them, following where to go, LOL! It is all cool tho, I can’t complain as long as my son is okay with everything that is happening now in my love life.

About my reading, I am trying to finish “Arise,” I am almost at the final chapter. To be honest, I miss writing book reviews. I don’t think I will read all my Summer TBR. However, I will try my best to at least have time to read albeit it will take me forever to finish it.

Okay, so that is all for now. I will try and visit your blog when I get more time online. And I hope my next update will be a book review (^.^)v

The Sunday Currently | 39

This would be a quick update again. I have been neglecting my blog for the past few weeks because of work schedule and with my new love life is just eating all my time, LOL! All I can say is even with new work routine and hanging out with my new boyfriend albeit my parents are against about it, but still, I am euphoric.

Here it goes:

Reading I didn’t read for or even touch my books or Kindle for quite some time now because of work. I miss reading, and I cannot wait to catch up soon. I am stuck with A Feast For Crows and Arise
Writing this update
Listening #lss to Closer by The Chainsmokers and Halsey
Thinking saving up for my upcoming birthday celebration with close friends
Smelling nada
Wishing for them to be more understanding and not judgemental
Hoping to save up more this year. I badly want to go on holiday to the Philippines because I miss my grandparents
Wearing short and my big t-shirt
Loving my new nail paint, work, colleagues and new found love
Wanting new books again, LOL!
Needing a long peaceful sleep
Feeling FAT! I’ve been pigging out with my best friend and been neglecting gym
Clicking just updating my blog then I am going to bed.

The Sunday Currently | 38


Family-Friends Escapade in Dorset today. Well, the weather was bad as it rained most of the time so we ended up staying in the car. We are supposed to go fishing as well, but it didn’t work out because of the strong waves. It was a fail attempt to enjoy the beach. The children liked it when the sun came out 1 hr before we leave. I didn’t swim.. didn’t bother. Just took some pictures, eat and chat with friends.

Reading I’m stuck with Arise by Tara Hudson and A Feast for Crows by George R.R. Martin.
Writing this update
Listening to whatever Dabby is watching on her mobile phone
Thinking the future with him
Smelling bbq chicken
Wishing more energy tomorrow as I am working on the last day of the Notting Hill Carnival
Wearing short and t-shirt
Loving my work
Wanting him to be in INC soon so we can be official
Needing a good night sleep
Feeling EXHAUSTED from the trip
Clicking nada